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Our Name


!S Iron Wolves,

Since our inception, many names have been used in the different forums and using the in-game radio.

We have called ourselves, LB, 1LB, 1stLB, Pounders, 1 Pounders, 1st Pounders, Iron Wolves, IW and a few others.

These are my thoughts on this. We need to, no we must, establish ourselves with a consistent presence. While we all know any of the above mentioned names refer to us, others hearing us may not. Some may get the idea that we're six squads, not one.

It is therefore necessary to establish one name. And it has been decided that this name will be: Iron Wolves.

Now, this does not mean we are no longer the 1st Lithuanian Brigade or that we are shying away from that name. Not at all. We are as proud of who we are as we ever were. But as our ranks continue to swell, sooner or later we will become the 1st Lithuanian Division. At that time "1LB" would no longer make any sense. However we will always be the Iron Wolves.

It is where people will go on the web to find us. It is on all of our medals and awards. It is on our signatures.

The more people hear and read Iron Wolves, the more they will come to know the fighting force we are.

So, when posting on the forums or using the chat radio, please use Iron Wolves or simply IW. Use it a lot. Use it to call fellow squad members. Use it to congratulate other squads. Use it to congratulate the enemy. Use it to taunt the enemy, ok, but then at least do it respectfully.

Also, please, if you haven't done so already, alter your TeamSpeak log in name so that we all show the same. That way those who also use TeamSpeak will begin to connect 1st Lithuanian Brigade with the Iron Wolves.

We will gain the respect of both our peers and our adversaries. We just want to be sure they know who we are.

Now, something else, but still on the topic of our name:

When you think of yourself as a member of this squad, do you consider yourself an Iron Wolf or one of the Iron Wolves?

Not a big thing you ask? Just semantics you say?

No, this isn't a grammar lesson. This is me holding up the mirror of attitude so everyone to take a quick look at themselves.

In the grand scheme of things, this might be considered relatively small. I'll grant you that. But I'm going to pull this squad together. And this is just one small part.

The term Iron Wolf denotes a singular persona. On the other hand, The Iron Wolves automatically brings to mind, more than one.

Stop and think, have you ever spoken or read the words The Iron Wolves and mentally pictured anything but a group?

We are not a collection of an Iron Wolf here and an Iron Wolf there. We are not a group consisting of just another Lone Wolf.

Being one of the Iron Wolves means something.

As one of the Iron Wolves, you are never alone. It means you always have the pack to guard you. It means that it only takes a call to have many people spawning to your aid.

Be it on the field or in these forums, you have the strength of numbers to protect you. You have the strength of numbers to assist you. If it's guarding an FB, rebuilding your computer or wiring your house, the squad won't let you down.

As a member of this squad you are someone special because we're all here to help each other.

On the other hand, we all have responsibility to the group.

The same pack that is here to help you - is brought into question if you act up in public.

What we do, how we act and what we post in public all reflect on the same group of people we rely on. Every time you do something while bearing the name of the Iron Wolves can open the pack to criticism and reproach. We all have to be constantly aware of how we act in public. A good reputation takes so long to build and is so easily torn down.

No one of the Iron Wolves is ever an Iron Wolf. No one is out there in the cold, all alone. No one need feel isolated - and no one can act as if the pack doesn't exist.

We are a group.

We are a pack.

We are the Iron Wolves!