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I have attempted to provide some basic, and advanced Panzer tactics, as used in World War 2 Online. I would like to thank members of 1LB for their help in preparing the information provided on this site.

I'd like to begin by giving a brief overview of this site and the information contained here. I have compiled information from many sites and will list these sites in the links section.

I hope that these pages provide some useful information for you. They will be updated periodically with more in-game content such as pictures, and graphics. If you have any comments, or suggestions feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


World War II saw the birth of modern tank warfare. During the Great War, tanks were little more than mobile shields under which to advance between trenches toward enemy machine gun nests. It was seen as a weapon with which to support infantry, and nothing else. This all changed at the end of the 1930s. As the Blitzkrieg overwhelmed most of Europe, it became quite clear that tanks would create a new form of combat: one of mobility, maneuvering, and firepower. Thus began an era that has continued on today.


  • Defensive tactics
  • Fields of fire
  • Ambush
  • Attack�and�Displace
  • Flanking
  • Coordination with�Air�units

  • Offensive tactics
  • Advanced Scouting
  • Formations
  • Flanking
  • Concentration�of�fire
  • Attack�and�Displace
  • Suppressing
  • Assaulting�Bunker�Positions

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