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This section will discuss tactics that may aid you in the defense of a town, FB, or CP. Ideally when on the defensive - if you have proper recon - you should have plenty of time to entrench yourself in a position that provides you with the best cover, and the best firing solution. Take the time to find the best position from which to stage your defense.

Fields of Fire

When defending a town, FB, intersection, or stretch of road with multiple tanks it is best to set up with specific fields of fire. That is, assign the units in the defense force with specific areas of responsibility. These fields typically cover 45-90 degree increments depending on the number of units involved. See illustration below.

Setting up in this defensive posture, combined with excellent communications protocol more than makes up for the lack of situational awareness that one experiences when using an AFV. This effectively gives 180 degree awareness to the group, and reduces the chance that you can be caught unaware by enemy units. This requires that you trust the other men/women in your unit, and that you do not betray their trust in you. You must be disciplined in covering only your area until the enemy has been spotted. Even then you should only engage when they are within your field of fire, unless the extra firepower is needed. Remember, if you pan out to fire within someone else's field, no one is watching your area - leaving you vulnerable to enemy units.


The ambush is a beautiful thing when executed properly. It does take patience however, and requires immense fire discipline and control. The first order of business is to understand where the enemy is, and where they are going. Our tanks are quick, and this allows us to set ambushes quickly, where we want them - and this is the key. Learn to set ambushes in unlikely places - and once you have taken one wave of tanks out, relocate to a new position.

Once you have established the most likely route the enemy tanks will be taking, you now must identify the best place to lay the trap. Clumps of trees, and crests of hills are excellent places to do this. Personally I enjoy setting myself in a clump of trees, so that I am invisible to the enemy until they are already past my position. In most cases you can set yourself at 45-90 degree angles from their most likely route, but this increases your chance of being detected. By setting yourself up at 45-90 degrees off of their route, it sets you just outside their drivers viewing area and hopefully undetected.

Now that you are placed in a well covered position, go silent, and listen. I have had enemy tanks drive within feet of my position without them noticing me simply because I was silent.

Again, rely on others to recon the situation for you, and tell you rough numbers of units in the enemy column/group. Here is my favorite tactic to take out a column of tanks:
    • Set yourself so that you are all but invisible to the enemy as they make their way along their route. This typically means that I cannot see them either.
    • Recon has identified multiple tanks with the main group that will be passing my position. The tanks are well spaced, but still relatively close together.
    • I allow ALL of the tanks to pass my position. While I could have easily taken out the first one when it appeared, this would have revealed my position to the other 4 due to my tracers. Instead allow them to pass.
    • Once the final tank has passed, engage it from the rear. Depending on the type, I would put 2-3 rounds in the back of the turret, and the 2-3 on the back deck. Disable it, then move up the line. You should be able to get multiple shots on each tank by the time they have located your position. By engaging from the rear, you reduce the chance that the enemy can locate where you are firing from.
    • Assuming you have been working with other tanks, laying in wait in the same area, this enemy column has just been eliminated.
    • Once the ambush is complete, move, and reposition your tanks to a new location - preferably overlooking your last position. It is my experience that 50-60% of the time, they will send additional units back to that location in order to take you out. If you have repositioned to overlook you old location, you have now just added more kills to your total.
To recap:
    1. Recon
    2. Cover and firing position
    3. Engage in such a way as to cause confusion among the enemy
    4. Reposition
    5. Reset the ambush

Defend and Displace

Defend/Attack and displace are generally the same concept. As stated in the section about setting an ambush, once you have been located by the enemy, you should retreat, and reposition yourself. If you wipe out a truck full of infantry, or perhaps a few tanks, your position has likely been compromised. Fire a few rounds, retreat via the safest route, and reposition yourself in another optimal firing location. This way, the enemy can never get a bead on your location, and it is much more difficult to dial in on your tank. The point of this is to keep them off balance... they know you are there, they just don't know where you went. This can allow the defenders to gain precious time to set additional defenses, while delaying, or even stalling the enemy offensive.


For us to take out any of the enemies tanks we must become very well versed in flanking. Generally this means that we use speed and cover to position ourselves to have the best available shot on the enemy tank. This can also be used in a grander sense, to flank whole towns to attack from directions that the enemy is not expecting. Flanking is essential, from a tank to tank perspective, as most of the allied tanks are invulnerable to our main guns due to their frontal armor. This means that we must place ourselves on either flank to get the kill-shots on the enemy vehicles. For example, you must flank the Char in order to get a penetrating shot against it's engine grill.

Coordination with Air units

Coordination with air units can also benefit our defenses. This allows us to have advance warning as to the number, the direction, and the composition of the enemy force that is trying to take our positions. This allows us enough time to set ambushes, to call in more air power, or to call in reinforcements. Additionally we can help the air units by pointing out, and identifying the location of enemy units.

Recon and support from our friends in the JU-87s, and the BF - 110s is a huge advantage for us, ensure that you use it. Either of these air units can cripple our enemies ability to stage an assault.

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