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I firmly believe that we have the best AFVs in the game, and if used with skill, and care, they are just as survivable as any tanks the allies might have on the field. This section will give a very general overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the tanks that are currently in this game.

      Here are some basic things that everyone should remember:

  • Neither side has an Uber-tank. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages, and both sides must learn how to play to their strengths, while playing away from their weakness.

  • There is no such thing as an invulnerable tank. If you get into a tank thinking this, you are dead. I have taken a char out with a luger, so just because you are surrounded by steel doesn't mean that you are safe. Taking one hit is one too many in our tanks.

  • The 88 is our best friend - we should always work with and protect the guys with the big guns.

  • Air cover is vital both for intelligence and support.

  • Tanks are worthless without infantry support.

General - Allied Armor

The allies have some of the "best" AFVs in the war right now. Their tanks are generally slow moving, mobile pill boxes. The allied main guns can take out any of our tanks from almost any range, we do not have this advantage. The also allies also have the advantage of very decent camouflage, making them difficult to see under most conditions.

The disadvantage to this, is that the Allied tankers generally have a false sense of security. By saying this I mean that they generally do not make full use of cover, speed, numbers and stealth - opting instead to rely on the survivability of their tanks against the main armament of our Panzers. This is their biggest mistake.

      Here is a tank by tank breakdown of the Allied AFVs:

  • Panhard - This scout car is a dangerous foe. It's main gun can disable, and kill nearly all of our AFVs, and while the Panhard's camouflage is not as good as some of the other Allied AFVs in this game, it is still very difficult to identify. This scout car moves extremely quickly, and is used extensively to camp forward bases. This unit is also the first unit that you encounter when defending a town. You should be able to take this unit out with any of our AFVs, or with well placed grenades.

  • Somua S-35 - A very dangerous tank. This tank is fast, has sloped armor, and is hard to kill if it is facing you. This is one of the Allies best offensive AFVs. The key to taking this tank out is to hit it either from the sides, below the weld mark in the front, or from the rear (top of the engine deck). I find that they can be disabled quickly - within 3-5 shots.

  • Char De Bataille B1 Bis - A rolling pill box. Slow as death, but dangerous in the hands of a skilled operator. A better defensive tank than offensive tank as a skilled operator will position himself to minimize the exposure of his left-side grill. The key to taking this tank out is getting a good shot on the grill on the left side of the tank. I usually try to get to the left rear of the tank and put 3 shots to the grill - one shot to the back of the turret - rinse - repeat. Trying to take this tank out from the front is suicide, unless you are manning an 88 AT gun.

    Note:Char drivers have been known to leave their view ports open. This is a quick and easy way to take one out. Place a few shots (mg works well too) into the view port if you do not have a better shot.
  • Char Leger Modele 1935-R - An infantry support weapon. It has limited AP ammunition, and is designed to take out infantry. This AFV is slow and poorly protected, and is one of the few Allied tanks that we can go toe to toe with and survive.

  • Cruiser Tank, Mark IV (A13 MK II) - One of the easiest tanks for us to take out. These tanks can be taken out by our main guns from almost any range. This tank is dangerous because of it's speed, and it's main gun. It's gun can take us out at almost any range, it is well camouflaged, and it is quick. This is the closest thing the allied have to our glorious Panzers.

  • Matilda Mk II: Medium AFV - The British version of the Char. This is slow, and hard to kill. I have yet to take one out in tank to tank combat. It's turret rotates slowly, so you can easily outflank it. Mobility is the best weapon against this tank. It is well camouflaged, has a decent main gun, and is hard to kill by anything other than an 88 AT. I suggest that you flank this beast and leave it for the 88s to remove.

  • Vickers - This light tank is quite dangerous. The .50 Cal MGs on this tank can devastate an infantry assault. It has a high rate of fire, and plenty of ammo. As for taking out our main tanks, you should be fairly safe, unless engaged in close combat. You should be able to disable these tanks easily with any of the main guns on our AFVs. These vehicles are also vulnerable to small arms, grenades, and satchels.

General - Axis Armor

Axis armor is almost the direct opposite of Allied armor at this point in the war. Our tanks are fast, fire quickly, usually have multiple mgs, and we have numbers. The weaknesses are that are main guns are not able to knock out their tanks as easily, we have no camouflage, and our armor is weak. In World War 2, most of the Allied tanks were rendered useless through mechanical breakdowns, and in fact the Axis armor simply avoided them. Unfortunately this is not modeled in this game, and therefore one of the biggest tactical advantages gained by using Blitzkrieg tacticsis lost to us. Fortunately in the hands of skilled (and sometimes lucky) operators our tanks are superior. I honestly think that combined with the tactics outlined here, practice, and coordination with other units, our Axis AFVs outshine the Allied AFVs. I believe that we have the best armor in the game.
      Here is a tank by tank breakdown of the Axis AFVs:

  • SDKFZ 232 Armoured Car - Our scout car is very fast and excels at specific tasks. This scout car operates very well in an Anti-Air role as its turret rotates quickly, and has a good range of motion. The 232 is also an excellent reconnaissance vehicle, and when used properly, can be a valuable resource when attacking and defending a town, or FB.

  • Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf. C - This light tank excels at specific roles - these roles include infantry suppression, anti-aircraft, and armored reconnaissance. You should never - except under extreme circumstances - use this tank in an anti-armor role, you will lose every time. This tank is fast and we have a lot of them, they should be used as armored reconnaissance units, carrying infantry to their destinations, and causing the Allied tanks to give away their positions. When possible these tanks should be located in advance, and on the flanks of the main force (much like out-riders, or scouts). This gives the main force warning should an ambush occur.

  • Panzerkampfwagen 38(T) Ausf, A - This tank is small and poorly armored, but has good on-road speed, and the best main gun of all of our tanks. It's off road speed leaves much to be desired but it's hard to see because of it's low silhouette and it packs a punch. We also have a lot of these tanks available. These tanks are perfect ambush tanks as they can hide behind and in tall grass. On offense these tanks will most likely shoulder most of the load, and you would be well served to get used to operating this tank. This tank should be used as part of the main assault force and are most effective against the Char.

  • Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. F - This tank is one of the mainstays of our Panzer army. It has decent armor, a good main gun, excellent on and off road speed, and multiple machine guns. This tank is much larger than both the 38t and the Panzer II, making it difficult to place in ambushes - difficult, not impossible. This tank works well as the main tank in your attack/defense force, as well as, in an armored reconnaissance role. When using this tank you must use your speed, mobility, and rapid rate of fire to your advantage. Do not attempt to go 1 on 1 with any allied AFV in this tank, you will occasionally be lucky, but most times you will lose. This tank is very good at AB suppression, limited AA roles, and ambushing.

  • StuG III Ausf B: Assault Gun - I enjoy this assault gun. It can take quite a lot of punishment from the front, and can devastate an AB with HE. Avoid using this tank in an anti-armor role (although it can function in that role), as your AP and HEAT rounds are limited. The turret traverse is limited, and the gun has a very low velocity. When using this tank you need infantry support, and should not venture out on your own, as you are vulnerable to just about everything. This tank is quite fast, and should set up hull down with a good view of the enemy AB, using it's low profile to maximum advantage. On defense, this tank should position itself in tall grass, behind trees, or hull down along the enemy's expected route. The low profile of this tank allows it to be a very effective ambush tank.

  • Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. - This tank was developed to support the Panzer IIIs. It has the same main gun as the StuG, but with a full turret. This is a fast tank, with better armor, and a ton of ammo. You should be very careful with these tanks, and treat them as if they are gold, as they fill the support, and main tank role extremely well - even if the low velocity gun is a bit of a disappointment. Other than this you should use this tank is much the same way that you would use the Panzer III.

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